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EMTCC Committee for Season 2023/24

The 17 July 2023 AGM saw the election and confirmation of the EMTCC Committee for season 2023/24. Neal Woolrich – President Michael Sargeant – Vice President Anthony Leach – Secretary Andrew Hind – Treasurer Georgie Dennis – Club Communications/Women's Coordinator Brendan Simon – Club Communications/Producer: The Titan Greg Hannan – Junior Boy’s Coordinator Daniel Jarvis - Past Players Liaison Jaci Ramires - Apparel Coordinator Brendan Smith – General Committee Michael Fogarty – General Committee The Club acknowledges Noel Fidock and Rachel Fidock, who are both stepping away from the Committee.

Noel and Rachel have been the driving force behind our club's success and growth over the years. Their selfless service and countless hours of hard work have laid the foundation for what we have become today. As the Club Operations Officer, Noel's attention to detail and organisational prowess have kept the club running seamlessly, making every match and event a memorable experience for all of us. Rachel's dedication as the Women's Coordinator has been instrumental in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for our female members, encouraging more women to participate in the sport we all love.

The Club would like to also acknowledge Brendan Smith who will be handing over the reigns as Junior Boys Coordinator. Over the many years, Brendan's unwavering dedication and passion for the Junior Section of EMTCC has been nothing short of inspiring. The countless hours he has spent organising training sessions, coordinating matches, and mentoring our young athletes have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the club and more importantly, on the families whom have brought their children to our great club. Brendan will stay on the EMTCC Committee whilst the transition to our new Junior Boy's Coordinator, Greg Hannan, takes place. The Club also welcomes Jaci Ramires (Apparel Coordinator) and Daniel Jarvis (Past Players Coordinator) to the Committee for season 2023/24.

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