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2022/23 Preseason Begins...

The first session started on August 1st, cricket is back! See below for details and dates.

The indoor sessions will be running across August and September, each Monday. If you know someone that is interested in playing cricket this season, bring them along to meet the girls and boys of EMTCC.

Please use the Facebook events to let us know if you can attend

This will help get an idea of the numbers for each session. A reminder to bring $10 cash for each session. We look forward to preparing for a massive 2022/23 season.

Junction Oval


- 1st 7pm - 8pm

- 8th 7pm - 8pm

- 15th 7pm - 8pm

- 22nd 6pm - 7pm

- 23rd 6pm - 7pm

- 29th 6pm - 7pm


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